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Service Above Self

Each and every Rotarian is driven to help communities near and beyond.


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We at VVit were driven to develop a website which supports Rotarian mission.
So we developed a website for Rotary Clubs.
Bellow you can find a list and description of built-in features, request a free quote, or visit demo site.

Rotary Club Website


Rotary International Outlook

We follow guidelines published by Rotary International to strenghten Rotary brand. We implement fonts, colors, imagery and guidelines as Rotary International instructs. Nevertheless we are completely open to your wishes if you’d desire your own flavour club website.

Website which Connects

The aim of website is to:

  • make everyday mondane tasks easier,
  • strenghten bonds between club members, and
  • make it easier to communicate with the public.

Meeting Minutes

Website enables you to create, store, and share meeting minutes for Club meetings, Business meetings, and Board or Committee meetings.

You can send minutes record to members via email after it is created.

Meeting Presence and Make-Ups

Website collects meeting presence status from meeting records for every member and enables secretary to use usable make-ups when required.

Publish Your Events in Calendar

Website enables any member to publish Club events. Calendar is exportable to Google and iCloud Calendar (iPhone). Events can be free or charged. Participants can pay with PayPal or Credit card. Events can include a map and organizer links.

Private and Public Content

Website can hold private content for Club members only and public content for any website visitor. Calendar events, member’s profiles, project reports, and club news can be private only or public.

Collect Registrations for Your Events

You can collect registrations for your fund raising events. You can collect payments via PayPal or Credit card. You can send participants PDF invoices or registration certificates.

Automatic Publishing via Email

You can publish Projects and Club News simply by sending an email to predefined email address.
Fast, easy, and convinient.

Rebuilding or Reshaping Website to your Needs

If you need something different or something more from what you can see at demo website just let us know. We can develop whatever you need.



If you will order your new club website and host it on our server you’ll get up to 20 FREE email accounts on your club’s web domain. Free email accounts have 500 MB inboxes. They are suitable for use with email client like Outlook or to be connected with your GMail. In any case you’ll be able to receive emails to your personal club email address and send emails from the same address.

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